Got Questions for a Therapist?
Perhaps, curious about the therapeutic process?
Maybe Personal Questions?

Who Is This For?
People who...
  • ​​​...want to move forward but feel stuck.
  • ​...wonder if anything will be helpful.
  • ​...experience intense emotions.
  • ​​​​​...are looking for an escape.
  • ​...struggle to stay focused.
  • ​...feel alone and confused.
  • ​...have lost motivation.
  • ​...question their worth.
  • ​...experience anxiety.
  • ​...are always tired.
  • ​​...feel hopeless.
  • ​...are numb.
My Story
I am Brianna Bradley
Licensed Social Work Associate Advanced, LSWAA
Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga Facilitator, TCTSY-F
My therapist backstory is that i grew up surrounded by constant chaos. at that time, I did not understand the experiences unfolding around me or within me. I thought it was “normal”. I had no idea that these experiences would impact my choices, well-being, and health. 

I tried to be strong, but I continued to struggle. then I found support through therapy. with this support, I was able persevere through my healing journey. 

when my healing journey started, I practiced different healing techniques until i found the ones that worked for me. I learned from several diverse professionals around the country including professors, healers, indigenous leaders, and advocates. I decided to pursue a career in which i could help others. maybe i could help someone like me! 

and i'll answer your questions
I am passionate about sharing everything i know with other people. I combine the variety of my personal and professional experiences by integrating them into the foundation of my private practice. The result is a high success rate for the individuals i work with through their struggles.

I offer a treatment approach based in neuroscience. I work with people who have experienced devastating life events. The effects of these events can be more than overwhelming. Sometimes words do not exist to describe the impact of these events. 

There may be questions that come up like:
● I wonder what it would be like if I was not here?
● How come I feel like crap all the time?
● What’s wrong with me?
● Am I going insane?

I would be honored to hear your story. I am prepared to share with you the leading information from the top experts in this discipline. I will deliver this information in a relatable way. I will provide direct feedback that will lead to a less chaotic lifestyle.  ​ 

Ready to book your Free consultation? I am a licensed therapist and practice in Washington state. I offer convenient confidential online sessions statewide for Washington residents. Contact me now!
What People Are Saying
“She is the best therapist I’ve ever had! She’s probably the most insightful person I’ve ever met! I value what she has to say!”

- Anonymous 
"I was having difficulty sleeping so it was recommended by a friend that I book a Reiki Session. I am so glad it did! I can't say enough about the service I received. Brianna's Reiki technique allowed me to relax and get into a restful state. After leaving her practice, I was able to sleep soundly and all through the night without interruption. I highly recommend her services!"

- Sabrina, Facebook Review
"The counselor's empathy".

- Anonymous
“She understands where I am emotionally and spiritually”.

- Anonymous
"Brianna is an amazing and thoughtful person. Working with Brianna has change my prospective on how to care for myself and for the ones I love. I recommend meeting with Brianna to anyone who is looking to gain healthy outlooks on self-care and positive life outcomes! Thank you for all your impressive work, Brianna!"

- Randal, facebook review
"I’ve had the privilege of working with Brianna. She is insightful and engaged with her patients."

- Shannon, facebook review
ready to talk about it?
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I'll come along side your story to support you through your journey. 
Let's chat for 20 minutes and I'll tell you how i can help!
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